Bee Health

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Help Determining Bee Health

NY Bee Wellness

MAAREC What to look for in a healthy colony

Integrated Pest Management for Parasitic Mites in Honey Bees

MAAREC Pests, Predators, and Diseases


Nosema and honey bee health traver and fell 2014 ENTO-66-pdf

Mite Sampling and Mite Treatment Methods

UK National Bee Unit- Photos of healthy bees, diseases, and other images

More Resources available at PWRBA HERE

Bee Health, Pollinator and other Related Bee-friendly Organizations

University of Minnestoa Bee Lab and Bee Squad 

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Pollination Partnership

Pesticide Action Network

Fun & Interesting Bee Relevant Articles/Videos

A Great Video of Marla Spivak discussing Why Bees are Disappearing

Of Interest to Beekeepers- Marla’s great list of articles

Honeybees Reveal that Evolution Is Stranger Than You Ever Realized

How Honey Bees Keep Their Hives Warm Given That They Are Cold-Blooded

Do Bees Have Feelings?

Honeybees reveal that evolution is stranger than you ever realized

EDUCATION/Ohio State University Free Bee Webinar Series Information

Pesticides- Various Theories

Bees, Lies and Evidence Based Policies

Pesticides Threaten Birds and Bees alike

No. More. RoundUp.

Bee Killers Sponsor National Pollinator Week

Did Scientists Just Solve the Bee Collapse Mystery?

Honeybee Death Rate Currently Too High for Survival of the Species

It has been well proven that the primary factor leading to this extinction is the presence of neonicotinoid poisons – See more at:

Rate of US Honeybee deaths “too high for long-term survival”

We May Have Solved The Mystery of the Dying Bees

Big 6 Pesticide Makers Spin to disguise their bee-killing products

A scientific article on “How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides”

 3 New Studies Link Bee Decline to Bayer Pesticide

An interesting article on the unbridled power of the chemical manufacturers


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