Getting Bees & Queens

Regional Beekeeping  Supplies, Bees, and Queens

Consider looking at Ways to Get Bees first

PWRBA Nuc and Queen Producers- BUY Local from PWRBA members!  Email for list.

The Backyard Farm (Virginia)  PWRBA Club Member.  Nucleus colonies (NUCS). Nucs locally produced. (703) 314-8530 or

Richland Soap and Honey (Virginia)  PWRBA Club Member. Russian Queens and nucs locally produced.

The Sustainable Honey Bee Program (Virginia) EDUCATION and INTERNSHIPS ONLY or

Walters Wholesome Goods (WV)  Russian Queens and nucs locally produced.

Eversweet Apiary  (WV) Beekeeping supplies, imported queens, nucs (ask about queen source).  (304) 876-3832 or

Virginia Bee Supply  (Remington, Virginia) Beekeeping supplies, packages, imported queens (ask about queen source), classes and HONEY EXTRACTION SERVICES.  Contact at or (540) 905-5563 or on the web at:

Valley Bee Supply   (Fisherville, Virginia) Beekeeping supplies, packages,  imported queens, and nucs (ask about queen source).  (540) 941- 8127 or

Windsong Apiary (Castleton, Virginia)  Packages, queens (ask about queen source), nucs. 540-229-5359 or

Dane Hanum (Northern Virginia)  Packages, imported queens (ask about queen source) (703)-525-6396

Geezer Ridge Farm (WV)  Beekeeping supplies, packages, nucs (ask about queen sources). (304) 754-5678 ∙ Ed Forney Cell: (304) 702-3848 or

Highland Honey – Maryland Honey Company (MD)  Beekeeping supplies, imported queens, nucs, packages (ask about queen source).  Open Tuesdays 12-7 and and Sundays 9-5. 6910 Damascus Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20882. 301-518-9678 or or

VP Queen Bees (Now based in South Carolina) VP Queen Bees: Artificially Inseminated Breeder Queens. All Queens Bred From Survivor Stock with high VSH expression. We are committed to managing all our colonies without any treatments. Contact by phone: 864-348-3026
email: or
Production queens by some of our clients:

Free State Bees (Maryland)  Imported Packages and Beekeeping Supplies. (301) 580-9313

Beautiful Bee Hives(Maryland) Beautiful Hive Top Covers.

Apitherapy News (I bet you did not know the editor of this blog is VERY local to PWRBA!)