Some of the best 57 Mintues you will spend as a Beekeeper- It’s Movie Time: The Sustainable Apiary and more

One of the best things you can do this winter is to watch this video on how you too can start to run a sustainable apiary. It features Mike Palmer of French Hill Apiary, Vermont speaking at the National Honey Show in the UK in 2013. The few second intro gives you a glimpse of […]

Who is heading up your colonies and why does it matter?

Consider the source of queens in your colonies.  The genetic traits of the queen can influence the strength and survivability of your colony. Check out this short video on our “Sister” SARE project- More of our SARE work and other similar studies can be found here:

Thanks PWRBA Nuc Producers

A big THANK YOU to all of the PWRBA nuc producers who have successfully contributed in making nucs available to PWRBA students, club members & other beekeepers the past few years as our nuc program has developed!  We could not do it without you!  Hint- Those of you wanting to learn how to make nucs- […]

BANV Queen Survival Survey Results

YOu can see a pdf here:  BANV 2011 Queen-Colony Survival BANV Queen Survival Survey Results Here are the results of the BANV survey to assess Queen survival from different source (3 years, weighted average) – thanks to Jim Haskell. 1.  Locally produced nucs with resistant queens (LNQr) 87% 2.  Locally produced resistant queens (LQr) 70% 3.  Bee raised queens […]