Intermediate & Advanced Beekeeping

Next Scheduled Intermediate Beekeeping Seminars- TBD

The Intermediate Beekeeping Seminars are geared towards the continued education of experienced beekeepers. Beekeepers who are entering their 2nd season will also benefit from attending some of these presentations. We try to offer intermediate and advanced seminars in alternate months from our regular club meetings.  We are striving to accomplish the following:

1) Keep reaching out to and teaching new beekeepers via our Bee School Introductory Class and  our regular club meetings.

2) Continue to increase the education and experience of existing beekeepers, through intermediate and advanced beekeeping seminars and participation in special projects.

We need to continue along both of these tracks and we hope that more people will respond with ideas for programs & to help step up to help put programs together.  In order to do this, we need more of YOU, the membership, to help run our regular beekeeping club meetings, come up with ideas for programs, etc. All ideas are welcome.  Please contact one of the PWRBA club officers to discuss any ideas you have.


Many of our seminars focus on making nucs & sustainable apiary management practices in support of our club efforts to become more sustainable and be able to produce our own bees and queens. We also routinely offer Fall and Spring management “refresher” classes.

In April, 2011, Mike Palmer of French Hill Apiaries, St. Albans, VT talked about The Sustainable Apiary which included a management plan for a sustainable apiary and an extensive discussion of overwintering nucs. Click here for the video of his talk (note there is a part 1 and part 2).

Pat and Jim Haskell returned to PWRBA in Feb. 2011 and gave a wonderful workshop on Making Nucs.   Click here for a copy of their handout.

In the Summer of 2010 we had a very successful seminar on Extracting Honey, presented by Pat and Jim Haskell. Pat is an EAS Master Beekeeper and is responsible for pulling together the Northern Virginia Teaching Consortium. Together with Jim, they manage many, many hives in Northern Virginia and in Page County, VA. Pat has been instrumental in helping to organize the Prince William Beekeepers Association and remains a good friend and supporter of our club.

We also had a seminar in June 2010 on  Making Overwintered Nucs with Karla Eisen, John Strecker and friends.  We were delighted to have guests from Howard County Beekeepers, a few folks from West Virginia, and Nevin Rank of Honey Rustlin Farms attend.