PWC Fair Honey and Hive Product Show

The Prince William County (PWC) Fair hosts a honey and hive product show each August which we encourage all PWRBA members to enter.  Many tips on how to prepare your entries can be found on our website here.

Entries are due on the Thursday prior to the fair, which is not published yet, but appears to be August 10th in  2017.  Times are not published but generally it is the day before the fair opens from 2-8 pm.  Check the PWC Fair website for more details.

Entries are found in DEPARTMENT 8 SECTION D. The types of entries accepted for the PWC Fair include:

Extracted Honey– Light, Medium, Dark categories- One Jar in 1 pound container (the rule only specifies 1 pound typical container but trust us… a GLASS queenline or Gamber classic are preferred entry jars)

Chunk Honey– One Comb honey packed in extracted honey- at least one pound.  You will need a wider mouth jar than a queenline or classic honey jar to get the chunk in. Also note judging criteria specifies weight, even thought the rules do not say this exactly in the container size.

Comb Honey– one jar packaged in typical square or shell box or “ross round” container – usually 12 oz. but the rules do not specify weight.

Beeswax Block  1 pound block

Frame of Capped Honey suitable for extracting– A frame of capped honey you would extract.

Candles– Pure Beeswax Candles, Dipped Tapers, 1 pair

Candles-Pure Beeswax Candles, 1 Single,Poured/Molded, Rolled, or Ornamental

In any honey show, you must understand what is commonly referred to as the SHOW SCHEDULE (aka the “rules”) and how honey and products of the hive are to be judged. The containers required by the PWC Fair are a little bit more relaxed than other shows. Note that weight is not always clearly specified in the container or judging criteria, but generally extracted and chunk honey should be 1 pound (Honey weight). Refer to the following rules and judging guidelines (as posted on the PWC Fair website):

A) All honey and beeswax must be produced by the exhibitor within the 12 month period prior to entry.
B) An entry consist of a single, plain block of pure, unbleached beeswax, weighing a minimum of one (1) pound.
C) Containers:
Extracted Honey – only 1 pound traditional glass or plastic honey containers are allowed
Comb Honey –  in a section window carton, plastic round, or a clear plastic cut comb box
Chunk Honey– any glass jar holding at least 1 pound.
D) JUDGING OF SHOW ENTRIES is based upon the following criteria:
Extracted Honey– density, freedom from crystals, cleanliness, absent of fermentation, flavor and container appearance
Comb Honey appropriate weight, uniformity in color and thickness of comb, cleanliness, absence of uncapped cells and watery cappings, plus freedom from granulation and pollen; Chunk Honey – refer to Extracted Honey and Comb Honey and also parallel, uniform, firm
sided cuts, and absence of ragged edges and wax flakes.
Honey Frame  entries must be displayed in an enclosed, bee proof case, which has both sides made of transparent glass

or plastic.
Candles  wax must be from the exhibitor’s apiary, no store bought wax will be accepted. Wicks must be
attached to all candles.
2017 Forms are not yet posted, but prior year information is available
More information on PWC Fair entry requirements, registration form, etc. found here:


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