Honey, Honey Hey! Honey, Extractors, and Honey Shows

The PWRBA website has lots of information and resources on it…. including who to contact for the extractor- the club has two a manual crank and a motorized one.  Please be courteous and use it and return it quickly as there are others who will want it. See:

Find out all about honey here:  http://pwrbeekeepers.com/honey/

It’s not too late to get to Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) Annual Summer Conference in Newark, DE. and enter into the EAS 2017 EAS Honey Show!  Entries taken August 1 and Aug 2nd until 11 am.
EAS will also feature an extended Honey Tasting Workshop with renowned honey sommelier, Marina Marchese, founder of Red Bee Honey and the American Honey Tasting Society
Consider entering your honey or hive product at the PW County Fair Honey ShowNEW classes of display frames and candles continue this year.  PWRBA offers cash prizes AND will give out a free queen line jar for entry into the extracted class of the honey show- Contact Karla to arrange to pick up a jar. Find out more about the show here:  http://pwrbeekeepers.com/honey/pwc-fair-honey-show/

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