Next club mtg., elections, Honey & Hive products, a Honey Exchange. Tue. Jan. 9th

Join us for the first meeting of 2018 on Tuesday January 9th at 7 PM at the Manassas Church of the Brethren.

ELECTIONS.  We need members to volunteer for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Please consider volunteering to help guide your club in 2018. We will take all nominations from the floor, and then vote at the meeting.

PROGRAM. After elections, we have a great program on Excellence in Honey and Hive Products by George H. Wilson and George “Popi” Zwetko. George Wilson is half of the locally based Backyard Farm honey and bee operation and serves as Chair of the Honey Show at the Eastern Apicultural Society. He will present topics including best practices for extracting to ensure a clean, safe, and beautiful product, what type of equipment is needed, bottling, etc.  Honey judging is not the main focus, but he can address a few points about judging extracted honey and what you can do to be competitive. George Zwetko is a beekeeper and co owner of the locally based Murlarkey Distillery.  He will talk about specialty products and how he is using products of the hive to make a special whiskey as well as add to the discussion of best practices around best practices in the honey house from a food professional perspective.

HONEY EXCHANGE. We will also have a honey exchange for those members that still have some left. If you’d like to try different local honeys, here is your chance. Exchange up to three jars of honey with another beekeeper!  Drop off up to three jars of honey, clearly labeled, when you arrive at the meeting. Place your honey on the table by the door and receive a ticket for each jar. After the meeting, bring your tickets and exchange the tickets for jars of honey.

Weather Policy – Our church meeting space follows PW County School on closures & emergencies (NEW!!!).

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