In 2008, our club (the PWRBA) won a SARE grant to “promote sustainable beekeeping through the local production of nucleus colonies (nucs) and local Queen production”.  The PWRBA SARE project is now complete. The final report and appendices are below:

The guidelines and forms used in the study (and revised since) are below:

The Sustainable Apiary– Taped presentations by Michael Palmer found HERE.

The Sustainable Apiary talk at the National Honey Show, Fall, 2013- click here.

Managing Overwintered Nucs– A short field filmed lesson.

Our SARE project was featured in the MSBA newsletter.

Queen Survival Study from BANV

Our “Sister” SARE project in Maine

NorthEast SARE Video on our Sister SARE project

Click here for Overland SARE report  We also have what we love to affectionately refer to as our Sister SARE Project, A Comparison of Honey Bee Colony Strength and Survivability between Nucleus and Package Started Colonies, which is headed up by Erin Forbes of Overland Honey in Maine. Erin actually won three SARE projects. Her second project in 2010 was motivated by the terrible weather in 2009 skewing her results so they did another year.  In 2012 she was awarded a 3rd grant to increase the sample size and try and replicate results having all colonies in one bee yard.

Other Cool People with Similar Projects and Results

Three Rivers Beekeepers

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