History of Club Programs

PWRBA History of Club Programs
January           Elections,
March              Business Meeting, German Perilla, Stingless Bees and Honey of the Amazon
May                  Business Meeting, Swarm Catching (Dave Wright)
August             PW County Fair Bee Booth and Honey Show
August             Beekeeping Through the Camera Lens (Simon Croson, The Artisan Honey Company, co sponsored with George Mason University)
August              Fall Management (Mike Blythe and Karla Eisen)
September       Business Meeting, Potluck Dinner, Honey Tasting, and the Emergency Assistance for Livestock (ELAP) Program (Ken B., Farm         Service Agency, Warrenton)
January          Pot luck Dinner
Feb.                Int. Beekeeping Seminar Nucs: How to (Karla Eisen)
March             Winter into Spring Management (Karla Eisen)
April                Intermediate Seminar- Requeening (Bill Bundy)
May                Preparing Honey for Show (Whitney Long)
July                Club Picnic
August            PW County Fair Bee Booth and Honey Show; Refresher class- Fall Management (Mike Blythe)
Sept.               Bayer Bee Health Program; Western PW Farm Tour Bee Outreach
Oct.                Farm Field Days Outreach
January         Beekeeping in the Amazon, Peru (German Perilla)
Feb.              Refresher class Winter into Spring Management (Karla Eisen)
March           Certified Naturally Grown Program for Beekeepers (Johnathan Duffy)
May              Beltsville “Bee Lab” with Dr. Ryan Schwarz; Special Class- Queen Rearing All Day Class and Field (Mike Church)
July              Michael Bush (co sponsored with BANV); Club Picnic
August         PW County Fair Bee Outreach Booth and Honey Show; Refresher class Fall Management (Miss Kristin G.)
Sept.            Member Gadget Night (Membership- a smashing success!); PW Farm Tour Bee Outreach Booth
Oct.             Farm Field Days Outreach
Nov.             Beltsville Bee Lab- Dr. Ryan Swartz
January       Snowed out!
Feb.             Int. Seminar- The Nuts and Bolts of Nucs and Splits (Pat and Jim Haskell)
March          A Comparison of Honey Bee Colony Strength and Survivability between Nucleus and Package Started Colonies
                   Backyard Queen Rearing (Erin Forbes, Overland Apiary, ME, Maine)
April            Int. Seminar- The Sustainable Apiary (Mike Palmer, French Hill Apiaries, VT.)
May            Backyard Queen Rearing with Nicot or Jenter (Don Heishman)
July            Club Picnic
August        PW Fair Outreach Bee Booth
Sept           PW Farm Tour Outreach Bee Booth;Honey Tasting & SARE Results- “Promoting Sustainable Beekeeping through Local Production of Nucs“ (Karla Eisen)
Oct.           Farm Field Days Outreach
Nov.           Queen of the Sun movie presentation
August       Refresher Class Fall Management, (Karla E.).
January      Honey Tasting
Feb.           Int Seminar Spring Management- (Karla Eisen)
March        Swarm Catching and Bee Extractions- (Mike and Tina Kestner)
April           Int. Seminar Swarm Management- (Bill Bundy (LBA)
May           Club Business, Committees, & Networkin;  Int. Seminar Queen Rearing- (Keith Fletcher)
June          Int. Seminar Honey Harvest and Extraction- (Pat and Jim Haskell);Int. Seminar Overwintered Nucs – (Karla Eisen and                    John Strecker)
July           Picnic
August       PW Fair Outreach Bee Booth
Sept.         Planting for Bees- (Louise Edsall);PW Farm Tour Outreach Bee Booth
Nov.            Observation Hives (Dr. Frank Linton)
January        Pollen Nation movie
March          Spring Management – (Keith Fletcher and Karla Eisen) & Bee Club Committee Structure
April & May  (SARE) Making Nucs- (Karla, John, and Keith)
May             Sister Bee Movie; (SARE) Queen Rearing Class and Field- (Keith Tignor and Dr. Rick Fell (VT)
July             Fall Management- (Keith Fletcher)
September   Keith Tignor- State Apiarist
Sept            PW Tour Outreach Bee Booth
November    Preparing for the Honey Show- (Bob Wellemeyer- Regional Bee Inspector, Honey Judge & Owner of Windsong Apiaries)
January       Pot Luck dinner
March          Honey Hunting in Nepal- movie
May             4 H 2BAB- (Brenda Kiessling)
June            Queen Rearing Class and Field – (Keith Tignor and Dr. Rick Fell)
September   Fall Management- (John Strecker) Introducing SARE; PW Farm Tour Outreach Bee Booth
November    Nucs – (John Fraser) & Rezoning Birefing (Karla and John)


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