PWRBA Bee School

PWRBA Bee School

2018 Classes start in mid January 2018- Tuesday nights from 7-9

Open House is Saturday Nov. 18th from 1-3 at the Manassas Church of the Brethren

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As part of the Virginia Beekeeping Teaching Consortium, PWRBA highly recommends attending Bee School to prepare you for a successful start.  The Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association will offer Practical Beekeeping for Beginners in collaboration with the  Virginia Teachers Consortium. The class is designed primarily to teach people who want to keep bees. Classes are intensive and meet once a week in the evenings for approximately an 8 week period.

PWRBA Bee School. The Prince William Regional Beekeepers is part of the  Virginia Teaching Consortium. We teach Introduction to Practical Beekeeping classes throughout the area every winter. Beginning classes are open to adults and children (age 10 and over and accompanied by an adult) and geared to those who want to keep honeybees. In the beginning classes you will learn: History of Beekeeping  * Life Cycle and Biology of Honeybees * Set Up and Maintenance of Beehives * Seasonal Hive Management * Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies * Integrated Pest Management * Sustainable Beekeeping * Nectar Sources * Where to Get Bees * Installation of Honeybees into a Colony * and more.

Tuition: $100.00 (Family or Individual) includes: 8 weeks of classroom instruction *Books * CD with lecture notes * 1 year membership in Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association * Beekeeping Mentor * Field Day *Links to where to get bees

Getting Bees.  PWRBA encourages all new beekeepers to start with 2 colonies or hives of bees.  We will connect you with various regional sources to purchase bees.  We strongly encourage you to order at least 1 nucleus colony (nuc) of bees in lieu of a package & for many years we have instituted this practice in our Bee School with great success.  Several “citizen science” studies have shown that nucleus colonies of bees- commonly called nucs- are more likely to perform better in part because a nuc is like a mini colony of bees already, they are already functioning together, and they are more likely to be headed by  queens with more hygienic and regionally adapted traits. Click here for more information on our Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) studies.

The PWRBA Bee School will work closely with the PWRBA nuc coordinator and others to connect you to a variety of nuc producers, many of whom are PWRBA club members or local to the region. Please click here for information on our nuc program and here for Ways to Get Bees.

We encourage you to attend our club events and activities as well as State and other regional meetings. Click here for our calender on our website.

There are similar beekeeping classes in Northern Virginia, Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Woodstock, the Northern Neck, Madison, Winchester, Fredricksburg, etc. offered by the Virginia Beekeeping Teaching Consortium

Are you interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping, but don’t necessarily want to keep bees, or make a commitment to an 8-week course?  There are many internet based short courses. Below are a few examples: