Club Honey Extractor

The club has both a motorized (6 frame shallow or medium only) and a manual (9 frame) extractor, both with a hot knife, and uncapping tub that is lent out to dues paying members.   You supply the liner cloth for the uncapping tub which is not required but makes dealing with the cappings wax easier or you can make your own easily. There are very specific instructions on the use and care of these pieces of expensive equipment.  Do not ever use soap to clean, and for the motorized extractor, you must start it out very slowly.  Please read the Extractor Policy, Use and Care Guides we have on the website- there is one for each type of extractor. Finally, we ask you to be considerate of your fellow club members.  Keep the extractor no more than 2 days in the busy season and do a good job cleaning it up.

Much information about honey can be found here:

There is sometimes a DVD on extracting honey that accompanies the extractor.  You can also find an instructional video on extracting on Brushy Mountain website here:


Manual Extractor Policy Use and Care

Motorized Extractor Policy Care and Use

Contact the Club Honey Extractor Saints:

MANUAL EXTRACTOR- Jenna Wiley 703-357-3075 or jenna.willey (at)

MOTORIZED EXTRACTOR- Chris Mayes (703) 851-8830 or cfmmayes (at)