BANV Queen Survival Survey Results

YOu can see a pdf here:  BANV 2011 Queen-Colony Survival

BANV Queen Survival Survey Results

Here are the results of the BANV survey to assess Queen survival from different source (3 years, weighted average) – thanks to Jim Haskell.

1.  Locally produced nucs with resistant queens (LNQr) 87%

2.  Locally produced resistant queens (LQr) 70%

3.  Bee raised queens – emergency, supercedure and swarm (BQ) 65%

4.  Beekeeper produced queens, not selected for resistance (BkQ-nr) 60%

5.  Queens from GA (Q-GA)35%

6.  Locally produced nucs with GA queens (LNQ-GA) 25%

7.  Packages with queen from GA (PkgQ-GA) 20%


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