Honey, Honey Hey! Honey, Extractors, and Honey Shows

The PWRBA website has lots of information and resources on it…. including who to contact for the extractor- the club has two a manual crank and a motorized one.  Please be courteous and use it and return it quickly as there are others who will want it. See:

Find out all about honey here:  http://pwrbeekeepers.com/honey/

It’s not too late to get to Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) Annual Summer Conference in Newark, DE. and enter into the EAS 2017 EAS Honey Show!  Entries taken August 1 and Aug 2nd until 11 am.
EAS will also feature an extended Honey Tasting Workshop with renowned honey sommelier, Marina Marchese, founder of Red Bee Honey and the American Honey Tasting Society
Consider entering your honey or hive product at the PW County Fair Honey ShowNEW classes of display frames and candles continue this year.  PWRBA offers cash prizes AND will give out a free queen line jar for entry into the extracted class of the honey show- Contact Karla to arrange to pick up a jar. Find out more about the show here:  http://pwrbeekeepers.com/honey/pwc-fair-honey-show/

Eastern Apicultural Society comes to the Mid Atlantic in 2017 and 2018

Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) is the largest non commercial beekeeping organization in the country.  The EAS annual summer meeting (held W-F) short course (held M and T) and honey show (W-F) will be in the mid Atlantic area in both 2017 and in 2018!

EAS 2017 July 31- Aug. 4th  in Newark, DE

EAS 2018 August 13-17 in Hampton, VA

See 3 great (and very short) videos about the event here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFqpEVxOxVL0PSZl8DC2Pw




VSBA Spring Meeting- June 16 (starting at 1 pm) & 17, 2017 at Ferrum College

Get ready for the Virginia State Beekeepers Association  Summer Meeting featuring our Bee School author, Dr. Diana Sammaterro.  Registration will be available on the VSBA website and via the VSBA newsletter soon.

VSBA Spring Meeting- June 16 (starting at 1 pm) & 17, 2017 at Ferrum College, 215 Ferrum Mountain Road, Ferrum, Virginia 24088

 This year’s spring meeting is being hosted by the Moonshine Beekeepers Association and will be held at  Ferrum College in Ferrum, Virginia.

Speakers include: Dr. Diana Sammatero, retired researcher at the USDA-ARS Carl Hayden Honey Bee Research Center and author of The Beekeepers Handbook; Dr. Rebecca Masterman, University of Minnesota Bee Squad Associate Program Director; Dr. Lisa Horth, Associate Professor of Biology at Old Dominium University & VSBA grant recipient; Samuel Ramsey,  PhD student at Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp’s lab at the University of Maryland; Marc Puckett, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries; Theo Hartman, Broodminder Citizen Science Project; Virginia beekeepers Mike Church, John Davis and Licho Berrouette, as well as  workshops Saturday afternoon.

Registration on Friday, June 16 will open at 12 noon with the meeting beginning at 1pm.  Registration will re-open on Saturday morning at 8:00am.  The meeting will begin at 8:45am.  There will be speaker presentations, a business meeting with elections, the State Apiarist’s Report and an update on the Master Beekeeper Program.

Next Bee Club- Swarm Catching Adventures, Tips, and Techniques

Join PWRBA at our May meeting, Tuesday May 9th at 7 pm at the Manassas Church of the Brethren for Swarm Catching Adventures, Tips, and Techniques

Attend a regional or national beekeeping meeting in 2017

Consider attending a regional or National conference in 2017!  Lots to chose from- here is a sample

Young Harris Beekeeping Institute  May 10th- May 13th 2017 in Georgia (includes Welsh Honey Judge training)

Virginia State Beekeepers Association– June 17-18th, 2017 at Ferrum College

Heartland Apicultural Society  July 2017 in Evansville, IN

Eastern Apicultural Society 2017 (only 2 hours away in Newark, DE) July 31- Aug. 4th Short Course and Conference (includes a honey show)

Bee Culture  Sometime in mid to late October, 2017- Meet the Bee Culture authors.  Medina, Ohio

The Maryland State Beekeepers have a meeting usually in College Park, MD in June and February 2017


Coming up in 2018

American Bee Federation  January – maybe in Reno, NV (includes a honey show)

Florida Bee College  St. Augustine, FL March  (includes Welsh Honey Judge training)

Caribbean Bee College- TBD

Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) in Virginia – August 13-17, 2018 in Hampton, VA

PWRBA Club Meeting Swarm Prevention and Splits

Join us on Tuesday March 14th at 7 pm for our regular business meeting followed by a presentation on Swarm Management (with Karla) and Splits- How To (with Diana)

Peak Cherry Blossom time is generally the beginning of swarm season in this area.  As of now, it is predicted to be March 15th- significantly earlier than usual.  See:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/02/28/cherry-blossom-forecast-peak-bloom-will-be-close-to-record-early-this-year/?utm_term=.7933823be5f8&wpisrc=nl_buzz&wpmm=1

Resources- Swarm Management, Nucs, and More

Your PWRBA website has a wealth of information on it.  Have you checked out our RESOURCES page?

A few timely resources for our early 2017 swarm season are posted below from the Swarm Management, Splits and Nucs link

PWRBA Bee School applications CLOSED. Consortium classes available


Please see list of other classes as part of the Northern Virginia Teaching Consortium here:  http://pwrbeekeepers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2017-Practical-Beekeeping-for-Beginners-Classes.pdf

2017 PWRBA Membership Dues

Membership dues are due now – CLICK HERE for 2017 Membership Form, we will be looking for mentors, and all sorts of other good things.

PWRBA Bee and Beekeeping Photo calendar

The PWRBA  Bee and Beekeeping Photo calendar is here and BETTER THAN EVER with photos PWRBA club members have submitted. There are still some for sale.Calendars are $23 – Please order directly from the now Mrs. Lynne (Hewitt) White at 703-994-1769  or she will bring extras to the next club meeting.