PWRBA Club Meeting Swarm Prevention and Splits

Join us on Tuesday March 14th at 7 pm for our regular business meeting followed by a presentation on Swarm Management (with Karla) and Splits- How To (with Diana)

Peak Cherry Blossom time is generally the beginning of swarm season in this area.  As of now, it is predicted to be March 15th- significantly earlier than usual.  See:

Resources- Swarm Management, Nucs, and More

Your PWRBA website has a wealth of information on it.  Have you checked out our RESOURCES page?

A few timely resources for our early 2017 swarm season are posted below from the Swarm Management, Splits and Nucs link

PWRBA Bee School applications CLOSED. Consortium classes available


Please see list of other classes as part of the Northern Virginia Teaching Consortium here:

2017 PWRBA Membership Dues

Membership dues are due now – CLICK HERE for 2017 Membership Form, we will be looking for mentors, and all sorts of other good things.

PWRBA Bee and Beekeeping Photo calendar

The PWRBA  Bee and Beekeeping Photo calendar is here and BETTER THAN EVER with photos PWRBA club members have submitted. There are still some for sale.Calendars are $23 – Please order directly from the now Mrs. Lynne (Hewitt) White at 703-994-1769  or she will bring extras to the next club meeting.

January 10 2017- Pot Luck Dinner Meeting with Theme Tables for Discussion and Socializing

Start the new year right with PWRBA’s January meeting on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017. Join the fun with a POT LUCK DINNER with “theme” tables including:

Nucs and splits (Karla)
Woodenware (Dave)
Winter tasks (John)
Beginning beekeeping (Sandra and Tucker)
Pests and diseases (Diana)
Honey and hive products (George)
Future program planning (Tracy and Louise)

Membership dues are due now too- CLICK HERE for 2017 Membership Form, we will be looking for mentors, and all sorts of other good things.

Virginia State Beekeepers Meeting Sat. Nov. 5th

Join us at the Virginia State Beekeepers Association (VSBA) Fall Meeting.  Saturday November 5th in Weyer’s Cave, VA at Blue Ridge Community College an easy drive down 81 near Harrisonburg.   Featuring talks by Dr. Kirsten and Michael Traynor, Dr. Wyatt Mangum, and DC’s own Toni Burnham.  Vendors include Dadant, Geezer Ridge, and more.  Early registration is until October 10, 2016. For more information see:

Consider taking the Apprentice Level Virginia Master Beekeeper certification test.  See here for more info:

VSBA Speakers include:

Dr. Kirsten Traynor, researcher and author, along with her husband Michael Traynor, a fine arts photographer, will present Over the Atlantic: Intensive Hive Management detailing European sideliner beekeeping operations that are not only profitable but experience only a 4% loss annually. Their second presentation, Pesticides and Pollinators will cover the effects of pesticides beyond neonics and explain how the Zika scare may impact our colonies’ health.

Toni Burnham, urban beekeeper in Washington, DC, will present Urban/Suburban Beekeeping – the Human Side providing tips for keeping bees and deveolping a responsible beekeeping ordinance in an urban/suburban environment.

Dr. Wyatt Mangum, researcher and author will present Hot Bees! Thermal Cameras in the Apiary with information on the behavior of winter honey bee clusters as revealed by thermal imaging.

Richmond beekeeper, Theo Hartmann, will introduce the BroodMinder system which wirelessly records hive weight, humidity and temperature (both inside and outside) for remote hive monitoring.

An optional lunch consisting of a hot pork barbecue sandwich, coleslaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, potato chips & a drink is offered by the Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association for a nominal fee.

On-line registration is available HERE to current VSBA members and expired/non-members via credit card. Mail-in registrations are available HERE. Early registration is until October 10, 2016. Late registration is October 11 through October 24, 2016.

On Saturday, November 5th, Walk-in registration (cash or check only) will open at 8 AM with the meeting beginning at 9 AM. Presentations and vendors go until 5:00 PM.

Special Event with Landi Simone Sat. November 12th

The Northern Virginia Beekeepers Association (NVBA) invite you to a special event featuring Landi Simone on “Reading the Frames” and “Timing It, Managing your bees for optimal health and maximum honey production” as well as a virtual tour of the tools and methods of Virginia’s own Sustainable Honey Bee program.

November 12th from 9-1 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  REGISTER for this FREE event at

See a program flyer here:

PWRBA with special guest Dr. Meghan Milbrath- Tue. Oct. 18th at 7 pm

Join PWRBA for this special event with Dr. Meghan Milbrath talking about colony loss over winter and managing mites.  We have rented the gymnasium so there is plenty of room for guests.  She recently has written a series of articles on why bees die over winter in the American Bee Journal as well as a near viral  post on Why Did My Bees Die?

See more about Dr. Meghan Milbrath  here:
Northern Bee Network
Sand Hill Bees

TUESDAY OCTOBER 18th.  7 pm Manassas Church of the Brethren

Comments needed on Virginia’s DRAFT Plan to Mitigate Pesticide Risk to Managed Pollinators

Comments needed on Virginia’s DRAFT Plan to Mitigate Pesticide Risk to Managed Pollinators.

In June of 2014, federal departments and agencies were tasked with taking new steps to reverse pollinator losses and help restore pollinator populations. To accomplish this effort, the Pollinator Health Task Force was created. Co-chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the task force included representatives from a wide variety of departments and agencies.

As part of this effort, the EPA engaged the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) in the development of a Virginia pollinator protection plan as a means of mitigating the risk of pesticides to honey bees and other managed pollinators.

Click here to read the DRAFT Plan to Mitigate Pesticide Risk to Managed Pollinators (Plan), one component of the Virginia Pollinator Protection Strategy (Strategy). The Strategy, which was enacted by the 2016 General Assembly, directs VDACS to develop and maintain a pollinator protection strategy to promote the health of and mitigate the risks to pollinator species and ensure a robust apiary industry. The Strategy shall include a protection plan for managed pollinators that provides voluntary best management practices and supports efforts to reduce risks from pesticides, increase habitat, and take other steps to protect pollinators.

An advisory committee composed of 20 stakeholders is providing input on critical issues of the plan. Beekeepers are represented by Mike Church, Pam Fisher and Mike Sandridge. Please feel free to contact the beekeeping members of the advisory committee with your suggestions.

See details, information and discussion here: