PWRBA sponsors a vimeo video page with selected videos for public access & special access for club members. Thanks to our top notch videographer Paul Oman & our fabulous club members support to make it all possible.

PWRBA Vimeo site (Dues paying members email us for passwords to the private videos)

Mike Palmer- The Sustainable Apiary Part 1

Mike Palmer – The Sustainable Apiary Part 2

PWRBA  featured  on National News – Click here Honeybees Get Human Helpers

More videos we love….

Brushy Mt. Educational Videos

University of Florida Extension

The UK National Honey Show Lecture Videos

Larry Connor Educational Videos

Ohio State Bee Lab Videos

Parks Talley (Local to NoVA) beekeeping shorts

Mike Palmer  The Sustainable Apiary at The National Honey Show (UK)

Short lesson on Managing Overwintered Nucs  

Where do you fit in to our colony?

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